The photo gallery dedicated to waves, surfing, skiing and mountaineering.
30 talented photographers from all around the world. Ready-to-hang prints.

6 feet and perfect Gallery 

Created by people that have made surfing their passion for over 25 years.

6 Feet and Perfect hopes to provide phototography shots of great quality, dedicated to the universe of  surf.  A great way to decorate a room, giving it personality.

6 feet and Perfect wants to offer prints to other surfers in Europe.  Prints of surfing, waves and beaches that are pounded by some of the most beautiful spots in the world: Hawaii, Tahiti, California and also the Pays Basque, the Landes, Spain...


Why 6 Feet and Perfect ?



Because we go crazy when waves are “6 feet and perfect”! So beware of depressions....

When it's glassy, well ordered, with an offshore wind and in the early morning...There is excitation.  And that is great!  It speaks to you, doesn't it?



Our ambition is to select the most striking surf photos, taken by pros, highlighting the ocean-wave- Surfer trio.

In our photo selection we seek :

  • > Personality
  • > Originality
  • > Energy
  • > Aestheticism




We assure a professional quality silver print (used for photo exhibitions). Each photo is printed in a limited series. Each photo is numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity with the photographers’ signature.