The photo gallery dedicated to waves, surfing, skiing and mountaineering.
30 talented photographers from all around the world. Ready-to-hang prints.



Four main formats for prints in "Limited Edition"

- 30x45 cm print : always delivered with a 40x50 cm frame, ready to hang.

- 60x90 cm print : with a frame or just glued on dibond with aluminum chassis, ready to hang.

- 80x120 cm print : always glued on dibond with aluminium chassis, ready to hand

- 100x150 cm print : always glued on dibond, ready to hang.


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The print 

Silver emulsion digital printed by a professional laboratory used to making prints for photo expositions.
The prints are made with a “brilliant” (vs. “mat”) finish. The prints are made without ink; they are made using a chemical process.The chemicals are 100% recycled.We use photo paper made with silver emulsion.


The Dibond

Each photo is glued on Dibond, 3mm thick. Dibond is a material composed of one coat of polyethylene between two thin coats of aluminum.


It allies strength and lightness and guarantees preservation.

Each photo is glued on dibond, 3mm thick. Dibond is a material composed of one coat of polyethylene between two thin coats of aluminum. It allies strength and lightness and guarantees preservation.

The chassis 

The chassis is an aluminum frame 20mm thick attached to the dibond. It enhances the photo, by its’ being off the wall. It is used to hang the photo and guarantees the rigidity of the work.



The varnish 

High gloss. A thin coat assures protection against UV, assures the photo a longer life.

The frames

 All our frame are made in France and custom-made product.

> American oak in black or natural, 40x50 cm.  All the 30X45 cm photos in american frame are glued on dibond to assure rigidity and preservation.

The big formats, 60x90 and 100x150 are delivered without frame. We believe these formats can be used without a frame. Contact us if you would like frames for these formats and we will make them as ordered.

30x45 print with a natural american oak frame.


  30x45 print with a black american oak frame.


> Oack or black frame size 47x62 cm with glass and passe-partout 7 cm.




Each photo is printed in a limited series. Each photo is numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.


- 120 Copies in the 30 by 45 cm format.

- 80 copies in the 60 by 90 cm format

- 60 copies in the 80 by 120 format

- 50 copies in the 100 by 150 format.



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